Global Biologicals Co., Ltd (GBC) was established in February 2011, with main office in Beijing, China and regional offices in India, Korea, Finland, and United States. GBC relies on well-known universities, research institutes and R&D companies at home and abroad to provide biotechnology innovation, strain improvement, process optimization, raw material customization, engineering consulting, technology transfer, project investment, contract research (CRO/CRDO) and contract manufacturing (CDMO/CMO) services.
GBC’s strengths are based on synthetic biology R&D platform, through molecular design, gene editing and biosynthesis engineering sub-platform. We develop new process routes to achieve the production of target products in engineered bacteria, fungi or plants, and improve existing microbial strains, enzymes or plants to enhance the production efficiency of target products, in order to reduce production costs and improve product quality.
GBC has 10 years of professional experience in the biotechnology industry and dozens of successful projects. Our clients are all over the world, including well-known international pharmaceutical giants, emerging biotech companies, active ingredients (AIs) in healthcare &beauty, biochemical plants, feed and food plants, etc.
GBC is committed to the continuous development, upgrading and innovation of advanced technologies and has created a unique professional project team business and operation mode. GBC closely connects technology and market and serves the market with technology. Let the market guide the technology, and insists on the industrialization of technology oriented to customer needs. The company has established the corporate philosophy of "being one of the best biotechnology service providers", and has been playing a steady role in technical advantages and project execution, injecting new vitality into the development of the industry.


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GBC is a warm home for people who have the pursuit of common ideals, and a stage where we can fully play our personal charms. We have been adhering to the concept of "making the best use of things and talents", and fully displaying the value of each person in GBC.


With the common ideal of "Serving globally by Biotechnology", the honest and pragmatic people have come together to actively adjust the development policy of the company, to improve the management level of the company and the professional ability of the staff, and to strive to become a model of the biopharmaceutical industry in the 21st century. We create maximum value for customers and protect the interests of employees, partners and other groups.

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