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Global Biologicals is your trustable partner, through scientific evaluation and complementary resources, to achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation, sharing risks and profits. We have mature microbial production technology, with the changing market and the diversification of customer requirements for strains. We have launched a special commercial cooperation service for strain customization.

Based on efficient gene editing technology, we adopt a bottom-up strategy to design and reprogram the metabolic pathway and regulatory network of the chassis cells, so that the biosynthetic route of the current products and the metabolic pathway of the chassis cells can be perfectly unified at the material and energy levels, and the optimal metabolic network can be formed through the repeated “design-build-test-learning” closed loop. This will ultimately break the boundary between “natural” and “unnatural” and build a new generation of artificially intelligent cell factories. Gene editing is a key tool in the process of strain construction, and the platform has developed a variety of gene delivery and editing systems for chassis cells, which can perform precise cleavage and orientation insertion of target genes. By combining AI-assisted design and automated screening platforms, the gene circuits are continuously optimized to accelerate the performance optimization of strains.

We use bioreactors for cell culture process development to shorten process development time and save material and labor costs. We also have experience with many types of bioreactors and corresponding process development to meet the different needs of our customers for strain culture processes for many types of products.