Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7)

Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone-7)

CAS No.:2124-57-4


Uses:To treat and prevent osteoporosis, vitamin K2 can promote the formation of bone protein, and then, together with calcium, to generate bone, increase bone density and prevent fracture.

Brief introduction:Menaquinones are isoprenoid quinones of the naphthalene series and belongs to the K2 Vitamin homologs. Menaquinones were originally discovered as the anti-hemorrhagic factor and now encompasses a vari ety of physiological processes. Menaquinone 7 belongs to the class of K2-Vitamins homologs. Menaquinone 7 has been identified as the most bioactive cofactor for the carboxylation reaction of Gla-prote ins such as osteocalcin and matrix-Gla protein, which plays a crucial role in building and maintaining overall bone health.

detailed description

Melting point:54 °C

Boiling point:bp0.0002 200° (some dec)

Density 0.961